My problem, Richard, is that I do not have a fm index marker to edit.

I call this entry in my book's index a ghost because its index marker text in 
Chapter 1 was changed a number of book index updates ago. The new version of 
that index entry displays in the index, too. When I look at that index marker 
in Chapter, I see only the revised text.

The older version of that index entry text only is found in the mif version of 
Chapter 1. When the free-of-the-ghost mif version is saved as the fm version 
and a stand-alone index is generated (thanks, Roger Shuttleworth), that ghost 
is gone.

But when the book then is updated, that ghost entry redisplays in my book's 
index. So the problem seems to occur during the updating of the 
book/regeneration of the index.



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Murray Moore wrote: 

> I can not delete the cause in the fm files that is the source 
> of the phantom entries in my index, but I can hide the effect.
> In my index I have made the offending index entries 
> conditional and hidden them.

I didn't really understand the initial problem, but whatever it was,
this isn't a solution -- or even an acceptable workaround. An index is a
generated file. When you update your book, your conditionalized entries
will be deleted and replaced with new, unconditionalized entries. 

To modify your index, you need to modify the index markers from which
it's generated, not the generated output. I don't recall why you weren't
able to find or edit the problematic marker text, but Art's suggestion
of getting IXGen is a good one. Use it to generate an editable marker
list, find and fix your problem entries in that list, and then reapply
the list to your doc, replacing all the existing markers. 


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