Lorraine Kiewiet wrote:
> I'm using FM 7.2.  I'd like to set up a Table design with a
> (Dangerous Electric bolt) graphic in the left cell and the word
> "Warning" in the right cell. When I do this, I cannot enter text in
> the default font next to the word "Warning" (which I want in a
> sans-serif font, bold, and slightly larger than the default.)  Frame
> forces me to type under the word "Warning".
> For both cells, I'm using the paragraph Advanced "Frame Above Pgf"
> option to specify the Frame containing either the graphic, or the
> word "Warning" in the desired font, which are picked up from the
> Reference page.  This explains why I can't type IN the paragraphy
> with the word "Warning" but I cannot find any other option for
> inserting "Warning" automatically and then typing next to it.
> I'd appreciate some help. Thanks!

Instead of using a reference frame for the word Warning, you could make 
a character format tag with the appropriate settings, and then put the 
word "Warning" in the autonumber of the cell's pgf tag, applying the 
character format to the autonumber.


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