Well, yes, FM would have to process the entire graphic before it could
figure out how to scale it, I think. Also, it would have to run
through an external filter during import, and that can be time- and

Many people use a standard operating procedure of scaling graphics to
approximate size using an outside application (Photoshop, Illustrator,
etc.) before importing.


On 8/4/06, Harro de Jong <hdjong at triview.nl> wrote:
> I recently found out that, when importing graphics files, there's a
> limit to their dimensions. In my case, I had an EPS of a drawing of A3
> size (about 42 x 29 cm), which I'd scaled in FM to just over 200%,
> cropping out a small portion of the drawing (maybe 10x10 cm, so the
> cropped drawing easily fits on my A4 page).
> The drawing would show up in Frame, but not in the PDF export. Reducing
> the scale factor to 180% solved the problem.
> Apparently, FM cares about the size of the imported drawing, even if you
> only see the cropped portion in the output. Has anyone else come across
> this?
> Harro de Jong
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