At 10:16 PM -0600 8/4/06, Ed Rush wrote:
>In "real" Mac OS 9 and earlier, you would increase the memory allotted to 
>FrameMaker (or any app) by typing a number in the app's Information window 
>(command-I). In Classic under OS 10.4, however, I'm seeing this grayed out. It 
>won't let me up the memory.
>Does anyone here know of a way around this? I need to accommodate a big book, 
>and FM can't open all of the files at once.

 You might try this, if you have an OS 9 Mac handy. Set the memory for 
FrameMaker on the OS 9 Mac and copy the file to the Classic environment on the 
OS X machine. It goes here:
/Files from OS 9/System Folder/Preferences/

 This untested, but it's the first thing I'd try.

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