I can't help with the addicentally saving the wrong document problem,
but Ctrl+Tab lets you  swap between document windows within FM...

As far as pasting goes, though, do you have a File > Paste Special
entry when you're working with two instances? If so, one of those
options might let you paste everything in...


On 8/9/06, Steven Mays <steven.mays at jcmb.com> wrote:
> Hi Art
> Thanks for replying. The reason I like to use two instances of FM is that I
> find it easier to keep the two separate book files distinct and I can use
> Alt + Tab, also I may accidentally save the wrong document and change the
> datestamp. I don't engage in this practice often, but now, I'm wondering if
> I hallucinated the experience.
> Steven Mays

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