Steven Mays wrote: 

> It seems that I was once able to copy from one instance of FM 
> and paste into another instance, and if in the original 
> instance I had anchored frames and images, then  these got to 
> be successfully pasted in the second instance.
> Now, when I try it, I only get text; I don't get the anchored 
> frames and images that I copied. The two documents have the 
> same template.

If a straight paste (Ctrl+v) pastes only text, maybe you've changed the
ClipboardFormatsPriorities setting in maker.ini to make text the
preferred format. That's how mine, below, is set up: 

ClipboardFormatsPriorities=TEXT, MIF, RTF, FILE, OLE 2, EMF, META, DIB,

I don't even recall what the default order is (I think it had TEXT
last). Personally, I want to be sure that anything coming from the
Windows Clipboard (i.e., not from one FM doc to another) comes in
without any formatting or baggage -- more often than not, it's from
Word. :-) 

If your ClipboardFormatsPriorities setting looks like mine, try moving
TEXT to the end. 

That being said, I share Art's skepticism about your use of two
instances of FM. 


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