Hi, everybody!

Just joined the list at my Dad's suggestion (Dad = Guy Haas). I have 
been beating my head against a FrameMaker issue for several days with no 

I am a newbie tech writer having a FrameMaker problem. Nothing new here.

BUT! It has totally stumped the Frame guru AND all our books AND the two 
books we just bought. So here I am.

The issue is this:

I have a good-sized book with several chapters. When I generate the 
Table of Contents, it produces a bizarrely reordered mess. For a chapter 
structured like this:

<ChapterTitle>Chapter Title!
<H1F.Heading1First>The First Bit
<H1.Heading1>The Second Bit
<H1.Heading1>The Third Bit
<H1.Heading1>The Fourth Bit

It generates this:

The First Bit
The Second Bit
Chapter Title!
The Third Bit
The Fourth Bit

It was assigning incorrect page numbers to things for a while but has 
spontaneously stopped doing so - but I don't know why! We've been 
playing around with the order of the appropriate lines on the Reference 
pages, but that's about it.

Any light you folks might have to shed on the subject would be much 
appreciated. It's probably something tiny and simple, but we can't find it.

Many thanks!!!

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