Ealasaid A. Haas wrote: 

> I have a good-sized book with several chapters. When I 
> generate the Table of Contents, it produces a bizarrely 
> reordered mess. For a chapter structured like this:
> <ChapterTitle>Chapter Title!
> <H1F.Heading1First>The First Bit
> <H1.Heading1>The Second Bit
> <H1.Heading1>The Third Bit
> <H1.Heading1>The Fourth Bit
> It generates this:
> The First Bit
> The Second Bit
> Chapter Title!
> The Third Bit
> The Fourth Bit
> It was assigning incorrect page numbers to things for a while 
> but has spontaneously stopped doing so - but I don't know 
> why! We've been playing around with the order of the 
> appropriate lines on the Reference pages, but that's about it.

Are all the bits in the same connected text flow? 

The order of the lines in the TOC specification ref page is entirely
irrelevant. No offense, but the fact that you're playing around with
that suggests you need to learn more about how generated files work and
what their ref page specifications do. IOW, you might want to RTFM. ;-) 


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