Actually it doesn't have to be a separate master page. The 
main text frame on *every* master pages is simply a placeholder
You can type anything into any of those placeholder frames
and it will be saved as part of the master pages but it will *never*
appear on any of the body pages. The disadvantage is that 
FrameMaker does not provide the capability of printing master
pages, so there's only one way anyone can access any 
information you salt away there. And the information you 
place there will obviously not be tied to particular locations
in the text flow, which is probably required for debug information.

Another alternative that has the same pair of drawbacks as the 
placeholder text frame on the master pages are the reference
pages. You can add new reference pages to contain whatever 
you want.

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If you do not want to deal with conditional text, you can create a
separate Master Page, call it Notes, and do not apply it to any pages.
It will stay with your file and you/your writers can see it but nobody
else will.  
Of course if you need QA or other non-FrameMaker users to see the notes,
then this method won't work.   



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Hello all,

I'M wondering if there is a way to hide text inside a Framemaker file (I
have 7.1). I
want to put some notes (hidden) into a particular part of one chapter
bug info.

Does anyone know if FrameMaker supports this? Many thanks!

Best regards
Jennifer K. Blom

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