Nope, sorry, not unless you put the text in background (header/footer)
text frames on the Master Page. Anything you put in the placeholder 
body text frame on a Master Page is only viewable on the Master Page
itself; it does not appear on a body page based on the Master Page.
And since Master Pages cannot be printed, it is hard to make any 
text you place on a Master Page visible to anyone outside the 
FrameMaker environment.

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> If you do not want to deal with conditional text, you can create a
> separate Master Page, call it Notes, and do not apply it to any
> pages. It will stay with your file and you/your writers can see it
> but nobody else will.  
> Of course if you need QA or other non-FrameMaker users to see the
> notes, then this method won't work.   

Sure it will...just use that Master Page when appropriate

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