Martin Aronsson suggested the following:
> ..(to) distill the EPS-graphics to PDFs before you use them in Framemaker
(to improve the display within FrameMaker).
> Then you get a much better quality on screen in Frame. The 
> output PDF should be the same.

Has anyone tried this and then had their manuals professionally printed?

We've had the same problem as Mark for quite some time. Our current setup
(FrameMaker 6.0p405 with Adobe Acrobat 7.0.0) displays EPS quite poorly.
Admittedly we're using CorelDraw 10.427 to generate the EPS from a native
CorelDraw vector image; and we've always blamed CorelDraw's rendering for
the poor display.

With more manuals going out as PDF-only, the display quality has become more
of a concern than ever before. But if the print quality suffers because of
improvements to the display quality - we gain nothing by changing the way we
do things.
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