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>probably in the next year we have to translate a
>FrameMaker book into Hebrew and Arabic and also
>convert the translation into an HTML Help. As FM
>cannot handle right-to-left languages I plan this:
>o Convert the FM book to Word with Mif2Go.
>o Get the Word file(s) translated.
>o Convert the translated Word file(s) to HTML Help.
>Does anybody know a suitable converter? What about
>WebWorks ePublisher Pro f?r Word? Does anyone use
>it already? Can it handle Hebrew or Arabic?
>What do you do when you have to translate into
>Hebrew or Arabic and convert into an online help?

I'm not sure, but I'll bet our Mif2Go trainer/reseller 
in Israel knows:  Steve Wiseman <swiseman at context.co.il>


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