I came across the problem of opening an FM 5.5.6 file in FM 7 - which is not
   possible. Fortunately the file was short and I could reconstruct it from its
   paper form. Anyhow some content had to be updated.

   How to get really old FM versions (set of diskettes)?

   With a virtual environment or an old Windows 3.1 machine some bootstrapping
   process should be possible.

   Do you know of other means to read an old FM file?

   Well there still is the problem of reading it physically (a diskette format
   no more in use, MO disks etc.). I guess that things must be reconstructed
   from printed matter (scan, ocr, ...)

   BTW does anyone know the details of the header information? What does the
   letter J in <MakerFile 6.0J>  denote? FM 7.2 puts <MakerFile 7.0H> into the

   Thanks for your ideas

   Klaus Daube


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