I think you may not have been able to open your old file because of
file corruption,
not because FM 7 "can't" -- it certainly can. FM is backward
compatible through all versions.
What error messages do you get when you attempt to open it?
Did you try opening the FM file with anything else? Like FM in text
mode (holding down the CTRL when you select it)? or a hex editor?


On 8/22/06, Klaus Daube <frame at daube.ch> wrote:
>    I came across the problem of opening an FM 5.5.6 file in FM 7 - which is 
> not
>    possible. Fortunately the file was short and I could reconstruct it from 
> its
>    paper form. Anyhow some content had to be updated.
>    How to get really old FM versions (set of diskettes)?

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