At 02:50 AM 8/22/2006, Egwin wrote:
>I am using FrameMaker 7.2 on Windows XP Pro platform.
>My XML document contains a metadatablock (=element) with 42 subelements.
>I want this element to stay in my structure, but i won't see the element(s)
>in my layout.
>I have to keep this element in my structure because i need the possibility
>to export the XML from FM.

   Possible approaches are:

1) If none of the 42 subelements can ever contain more than 255 characters, 
you can make them markers (possibly of a custom marker type called Metadata).

2) Make them conditional text that is hidden when you publish the document

3) Use the FDK to move them to a reference flow

4) Display them in white in a small font. Such characters still take up 
space. You can eliminate the visual effect by putting them in a table with 
a fixed row height, or by putting them in a text frame that is behind the 
frame with the visible characters.


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