Hi...I'm looking for a direction in which to go...

Documentation: in FM 6 books I make use of text insets (by reference) 
and variables, both being affected by conditional text.

Situation: Must provide FM files for translation (German, Japanese...).

Problem for translation: text insets with conditional formats 
imported by reference, variables in a document controlled by 
conditional format --> hard to translate from English (no gender, etc.)

Solution: (conceived after discussion with client and translation 
firm) transform the user variables and text insets to simple text 
using proper conditional formats in a copy of the book...(done, using 
a script).

Question: When I open a FM document, I see just what I need. And when 
I print that to PDF, that's what gets printed. ANy way to print that 
to ... another FM document...or capture that view (what I can see) in 
a FM format? I ask the question because this conversion to text to 
ease the translation, while operating well and quickly, is like 
working hard to see what FM shows me an opening the book . Am I 
missing something?

Thanks...it's like I can't see the forest for the trees...got a chain saw?

Stephen O'Brien
Documentation/Technical Writer
InnovMetric Logiciels (Software) Inc.

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