Hi Jeniffer,

Here are some my methods of resolution of this problem:

1. I hope you have
   (a) Rendered the Standard or whichever .joboption file you use as a
non-read-only file. Only  then will you be able to save your settings for
future and subsequent use without having to change them again.

   (b) Made your settings and then marked the joboptions file read-only
again. Please search for this file if you cannot find it. However, I haven't
needed to becasue when you press the save as button, the window pop-up
allowing you to save this file is actually the windows explorer at the
backend so it allows you to perform rt-click, properties, readonly checkbox.

2. The second resolution to this problem is more to do with Framemaker. Any
    By default, Framemaker to PDF conversion is done via a imaginary printer
(port). The broker file maybe a prn file or essentially a postscript or .ps
file. Now it is this ps file which can be read by Distiller to be rendered
into a PDF. Okay now in english, You need to set the PDF Writer 7.0 or the
Adobe PDF printer as your default printer in Framemaker. Do check up on
http://www.leximation.com/ where u can look for a printer plugin which
enables you to set this printer by default so evertime you invoke Adobe
framemaker 7.0, this printer is set as your default printer.

Once you have done this you may be able to Save As... PDF However, this
feature is slightly unstable at times so it is advisable to simply print
your PDF as a .PS or a .PRN file and then invoke this PRN /PS file into
Distiller (accessible via Start button) and a simple drag drop into
Distiller will render a PDF for you with the images.

I hope this solves your problem.

Please do inform me if this doesn't solve you problem.



David Flynn
Technical Writer

On 8/22/06, Jennifer Randel <jennifer_randel at khsd.k12.ca.us> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Our IT department just upgraded the Acrobat Distiller on my PC to
> version 7.0 and now when I try to convert my Frame (v 6.0) documents to
> PDF, all of the colors in the document appear in black and white. I've
> already tried changing the Color Settings in Distiller, but I'm not
> having any luck.
> Can anyone give me some advice on fixing this problem?
> Thanks in advance,
> Jennifer
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