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>Our IT department just upgraded the Acrobat Distiller on my PC to
>version 7.0 and now when I try to convert my Frame (v 6.0) documents to
>PDF, all of the colors in the document appear in black and white. I've
>already tried changing the Color Settings in Distiller, but I'm not
>having any luck.
>Can anyone give me some advice on fixing this problem?

I recommend having the "leave color unchanged" option in Distiller settings.

If your colors all end up as black and white, this is likely related to the 
PS driver being used to create the PS file and not to Distiller's settings.
Make sure you use the AdobePS driver (with Acrobat 6 or 7, it shows up as 
"Adobe PDF" in the list of printers).

[ Unrelated to colors, but related to Distiller 7.0x: if you have rounded 
rectangles in your FrameMaker documents, make sure that "Convert smooth 
lines to curves" (Advanced tab) is turned off, otherwise the rectangles are 
distorted -- see ]

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