Greetings Framers,

My company consists of several business units that each currently use
their own training workbook templates (all are on Frame 6 or 7).  We
have developed a standard curriculum template to which each business
unit will transition, and now we have the opportunity to enhance this
new template to allow us to generate instructor guides from the
workbooks.  I'm wondering what kind of great ideas are out there for
creating slick trainer guides from a workbook. Please share your

Our specific requirements are as follows:

* Trainer guides should consist of all the material in the student
workbook, plus additional trainer-specific material where needed.
* The additional material can usually fit in the existing page margins
using separate text boxes with conditional text.  That part we've
figured out.
* The page numbering for both student and trainer guides must match up,
so that trainers can easily refer students to the correct page.  That
becomes a problem with the next two bullets ... 
* Occasionally the additional material is too lengthy to fit in the
margins.  In that case is there a way to add additional pages and still
accomplish bullet 3?  Perhaps with an autonumbered paragraph tag in the
footers of only the student pages?
* The first page of each lesson almost always needs to be its own
trainer-specific page in the trainer guide.  This page would not be
included in the student version, and again, we would want to retain the
page numbering as the student sees it.

In addition to these requirements I'd love to hear other good ideas.  We
have a unique situation in that the group working on these templates is
eager to think outside of the box.


Anita Maria Gutierrez
Sage Software
Beaverton, Oregon
anita.gutierrez at

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