A couple of suggestions/ideas...

This would be a perfect application for change pages, which freeze the
student book pagination but allow insertion of instructor pages. It's
an undocumented FM feature -- Esc, p , z. I'm guessing that because
it's undocumented, it's not officially supported, but it's been around
for years and is still in 7.2.
Ric Quatro, a FM scripter, was working on a plug-in that would make
managing the change pages easier, but I don't know the status. He's at
frameexpert.com. Might be worth checking with him, and at least
playing with the feature.

Second, if it was me, I'm not sure I'd jump on the "separate text
boxes with conditional text." Before I committed to it, I think I'd at
least test adding a second text frame to all pages to manage a
separate text flow for the instructor material -- Flow B, say. Which
you could either write in directly, or use to hold an imported file,
so the instructor's material could be worked on separately.

Third idea.... I think I'd also consider an alternate work flow in
which you finished the student workbook and generated a .pdf. Then
used Acrobat to extract the pages as individual graphic files and
import them into the FM files for the instructor's guides (probably at
reduced size).  The student page numbers and so on would all still be
visible and in order, but you'd have a lot more room and flexibility
to handle the instructor's material, including graphics...


On 8/23/06, Gutierrez, Anita <anita.gutierrez at sage.com> wrote:
> Greetings Framers,
> My company consists of several business units that each currently use
> their own training workbook templates (all are on Frame 6 or 7).  We
> have developed a standard curriculum template to which each business
> unit will transition, and now we have the opportunity to enhance this
> new template to allow us to generate instructor guides from the
> workbooks.

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