I don't know where you're getting your pricing information, Doug,
but it's kind of off-base, or maybe just out of date since the "sweet
spot" in the price curve keeps moving up. If you check the monitor
lineup at Dell, which includes a range of NEC, ViewSonic, and Planar
models as well as Dell-branded units. Price ranges are:
15" DVI, $200-250
      analog, $170-200
17" DVI, $240-350 (Dell on sale at 204)
      analog $200-225
19" DVI, $240-420 (Dell at 310);
      analog $240-300 (Dell on sale at 203)
20" DVI, $280-1100 (Dell on sale at 415)
20" widescreen Dell $460 (on sale at 390)
24" widescreen Dell $880
30" widescreen Dell $1900

Yes, it is *possible* to buy an very expensive 20" monitor
that costs more than three cheap 19" models, but the
realistic savings for dropping an inch from 20" to 19"  is
about $100 or roughly 25%, which is about the same
differential percentage as for each step smaller than 19".
So I'd say that the sweet spot is currently shifting from
19" to 20", and the sale price on the 20" widescreen
Dell is pretty sweet, too.

My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel.
Fred Ridder
Parsippany, NJ

>From: Doug <dbailey4117 at gmail.com>
>To: framers at lists.frameusers.com
>Subject: Re: Monitor issue
>Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 12:02:49 -0500
>I suggest you consider forgoing the extra inch and get yourself a 19
>inch monitor.  You could buy 3 or more 19 inch monitors for the price
>of a single 20 inch.  No brainer, I I think.

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