Hi all,

I have a problem with Frame crashing when generating a PDF from a book, that I 
was wondering if anyone could shed light on. This is the situation:

1. It happens after the tps file has (almost) finished generating. By the 
'almost', I mean that frame crashes, but if I open the tps file in Distiller 
manually, I can still generate the PDF for the book, but the book ends up 
generating with no bookmarks. Everything else looks fine.
2. It happens on two manuals that share a common internal cover page. By 
sharing, I mean that I copied the text from one to the other file, and changed 
'User Guide' to 'Reference Guide', and updated a couple of other items. So 
separate files, very similar content.
3. I can generate the book fine if I remove that internal cover.
4. I can also generate the cover pages into a PDF without a problem.
5. If I replace that internal cover page entirely, with one from another book 
that generates fine, then the original book crashes.
6. I then guessed some sort of formatting conflict between the internal cover 
and other documents in the book, so imported various attributes (paragraph, 
table, variable, character styles, doc properties) from another document in the 
book back into an archived version of the original inside cover doc, and put 
the cover back into the book. That seems to have worked.

These two errors appear in one KB item in a Google search, associated with 
something unrelated to this (to do with splash screens and help). I tried the 
workaround suggested there anyway, for the heck of it. No change.

Anyway, I was just wondering if someone had run into anything similar to this, 
and had an actual precise explanation/solution, or knew of a more effective 
troubleshooting technique that would lead me to identifying the problem more 



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