On 30 Aug 2006 at 15:35, Kevin Hunter wrote:

> I have a problem with Frame crashing when generating a PDF from a book,
> that I was wondering if anyone could shed light on. This is the situation:
> 1. It happens after the tps file has (almost) finished generating. By the
> 'almost', I mean that frame crashes, but if I open the tps file in
> Distiller manually, I can still generate the PDF for the book, but the
> book ends up generating with no bookmarks.


Recently I had the same problems and discovered this:

I had not opened all files in the book.
When the PDF process tries to open another file to open for 
generating the TPS, the open fails (in my case, due to missing 

=> Open all files in the book, answer the prompts, then save as PDF.
   Close the files in the book only after distilling has ended.

Hope this helps
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