I thought one of us might know the answer to this Acrobat question. (I know
this is not an Acrobat forum, so please forgive me the off-topic post.)

I have Acrobat 7 Pro all patched up, Windows XP all patched up (and FM 7.1,
though it has nout to do with the question.)

I have a PDX catalog that works on 10 PDFs. The PDX and its dependent files
sit on a hard drive somewhere else.

If one PDF changes, I can overwrite one PDF with the new one. Then, I can
rebuild the catalog PDX. All of that I can do on my local HDD.

What do I need to distribute to the remote PDX and dependent files that
reside elsewhere? Do I send just the new PDX file and one new PDF file that
changed, or do I need to send everything, including the PDFs that did not



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