Please repeat after me ...

        Adobe Illustrator is NOT, repeat NOT, repeat yet
        again NOT a general purpose PDF editor.

Adobe Illustrator only "understands" a subset of PDF,
the subset that corresponds to the objects, modes, and
options of Illustrator. The only PDF file that is "safe"
to open in Adobe Illustrator is a PDF file saved in
that version (or earlier) version of Illustrator using
the "save editabilty" option. Opening any other PDF
file subjects that file to loss of and changes to 

Don't do it! It is not recommended or supported by
Adobe in any way, shape, or form. Use Acrobat 7 Pro
or Acrobat 8 Pro to do such color conversions.

        - Dov

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> From: Madeleine Reardon Dimond
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> Subject: RE: Greyscale
> Dov wrote:
> <<Yes, I am definitely referring to EPS or PDF files
> imported into FrameMaker.
> There is no "convert to grayscale" option in
> Distiller.>>
> I've been faced with the problem of converting color
> to greyscale in a document full of pdf imports. The
> only way I've found so far to deal with it was to take
> the pdf graphics through Illustrator, strip the color
> there, and re-pdf them. Is this process recommended or
> advisable?
> Madeleine Reardon Dimond

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