Yes, I am definitely referring to EPS or PDF files
imported into FrameMaker.

There is no "convert to grayscale" option in Distiller.

What SPECIFICALLY is the printer complaining about in
terms of quality. Send me a sample of what he doesn't
think is high enough quality if you can and have the time.
Let me evaluate it.

        - Dov

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> Many thanks for your advice Dov. We are using Acro 7 now. 
> Bedded it down almost a year ago now. We always send our 
> printers "press quality" PDFs in full colour and we've never 
> had any problems. However, we're recently changed printers 
> who are requesting grayscale PDFs. When you say "as long as 
> NONE of your content is EPS or PDF containing color", are you 
> talking about embedded files in FrameMaker? If so, no 
> problem. Except that the printer is now complaining about 
> graphics quality. But I searched hi and lo in the Acro 
> Distiller Color options and found no option to convert to 
> grayscale. Does such an option exist?
> Regards
> Ben Warburton

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