In theory, there should be no reason why Acrobat 5 
(hopefully updated to Acrobat 5.0.5 - get the update on
Adobe's web site at
should not work directly with Acrobat 5 unless you are using
the "save as PDF" feature.

I know of no Acrobat error messages that have numbers such
as "122" -- anything else in the error message? Any other 
software that you are using in conjunction with both
FrameMaker and Acrobat (plug-ins, etc.)?

Did you try simply rebooting your system and running Acrobat
on that document again?

        - Dov

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> Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2006 2:00 PM
> To: Framers
> Subject: Recommended version of Acrobat for FM 7.1
> I've been getting away with using Acrobat 5.0 with FrameMaker 
> 7.1 (Windows XP Pro) for some time now, but it looks like my 
> luck has finally run out.
> I installed Acrobat 5.0 and FrameMaker 7.1 on a new computer 
> (Windows XP Media Edition) and all appeared to be working 
> fine until I opened the first PDF distilled on this new machine. 
> It's a 200 page document and the 3rd page does not display 
> properly (something about error 122). I tried distilling the 
> offending page separately and replacing the problem page. I 
> also tried distilling and replacing the offending file (the 
> TOC) . Finally I tried just deleting the offending page. But 
> in every case the file refuses to Save. When I try, I get a 
> progress bar that goes to about 80% before an error message 
> pops up, referring again to error 122.
> So, assuming that my problem is related to mis-matched 
> versions of Acrobat and FrameMaker, I'm wondering what 
> version of Acrobat to purchase.  Assuming the latest version 
> is not the best match for the version of Frame I've got, 
> where can I purchase it?
> On the other hand if you've seen a less expensive fix to this 
> kind of problem, please point me in the direction. I"d much 
> prefer spending the $$ on Christmas.
> Thanks for your input.
> Sincerely,
> --
> J. Paul Kent

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