I've been getting away with using Acrobat 5.0 with FrameMaker 7.1 (Windows XP 
Pro) for some time now, but it looks like my luck has finally run out.

I installed Acrobat 5.0 and FrameMaker 7.1 on a new computer (Windows XP Media 
Edition) and all appeared to be working fine until I opened the first PDF 
distilled on this new machine. 

It's a 200 page document and the 3rd page does not display properly (something 
about error 122). I tried distilling the offending page separately and 
replacing the problem page. I also tried distilling and replacing the offending 
file (the TOC) . Finally I tried just deleting the offending page. But in every 
case the file refuses to Save. When I try, I get a progress bar that goes to 
about 80% before an error message pops up, referring again to error 122.

So, assuming that my problem is related to mis-matched versions of Acrobat and 
FrameMaker, I'm wondering what version of Acrobat to purchase.  Assuming the 
latest version is not the best match for the version of Frame I've got, where 
can I purchase it?

On the other hand if you've seen a less expensive fix to this kind of problem, 
please point me in the direction. I"d much prefer spending the $$ on Christmas.

Thanks for your input.

J. Paul Kent

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