Usually you want to have Acrobat installed before you install
FrameMaker in order to get Save As PDF (a feature I personally
prefer not to use, ever) to work.

But one other thing to check is whether your computer has a 
port defined with the name FILE: (all caps and with the colon).
For some strange reason, the Acrobat install occasionally
clobbers that port and without it the Save As PDF feature 
doesn't work. 

My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel.
Fred Ridder (fred dot ridder at intel dot com)
Parsippany, NJ

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Hi, folks. 

I've recently upgraded to FM 7.2 and Acrobat Pro 8 (in that order) and
my Save as PDF function has gone missing. The dialog box comes us and I
choose all my options, but nothing happens. No PDF, no nothing. I
remember that there was a right order in which to install, but I've
forgotten what it is (and the archives are next to impossible to
search). Apologies if this has already been beaten to death.

I'm running Windows XP Pro, SP2, and patched/updated FM to 7.2p158 after
I installed Acrobat. There are no other Acrobat versions on the machine.



.Susan Frahm Modlin
.Publications Consulting

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