Thanks to all who responded. Turns out the FILE: port was the culprit. 
Interestingly enough, I'm having some problems with write-protection in some of 
the assorted locations for joboptions files. Something to work through the next 
time I have spare cycles. 


Susan Frahm Modlin
Publications Consulting

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Subject: RE: Acrobat Pro 8.0 and FM 7.2

In reality, it should not make any difference what order you
install Acrobat and FrameMaker with one caveat. If you are
installing the full Acrobat product (which you are), you must
NOT install the copy of Distiller bundled with FrameMaker.
If you have already installed that bundled Distiller, you
must totally uninstall it (and any other versions of Acrobat
and/or Reader on your system) prior to installing Acrobat 8.
If you are prompted to reboot your system after any uninstalls
or after installing Acrobat 8, be sure to do so. The installation
process depends on your doing that reboot immediately.

Although this has not been a problem in recent versions of
Acrobat, per the suggestion of another poster, you should make 
sure that the FILE: port is not missing from your system.

To further complicate things, Acrobat 8 changed the location where 
.joboptions files are stored. Acrobat 7 stored the .joboptions files
at "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Adobe PDF\Settings".
That is where FrameMaker looks for them. Acrobat 8 (actually 
Distiller 8) stores the bundled .joboptions files in 
"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe
and each user's personalized .joboption files in
"C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxxxxxxxx\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe
where "xxxxxxxxxxxx" is your Windows user id.
For FrameMaker 7.2 to work directly with Distiller 8 with the 
"save as" feature, you must make sure that FrameMaker 7.2 "sees"
all your joboptions in
"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Adobe PDF\Settings".

    - Dov

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> Subject: Acrobat Pro 8.0 and FM 7.2
> Hi, folks. 
> I've recently upgraded to FM 7.2 and Acrobat Pro 8 (in that 
> order) and my Save as PDF function has gone missing. The 
> dialog box comes us and I choose all my options, but nothing 
> happens. No PDF, no nothing. I remember that there was a 
> right order in which to install, but I've forgotten what it 
> is (and the archives are next to impossible to search). 
> Apologies if this has already been beaten to death.
> I'm running Windows XP Pro, SP2, and patched/updated FM to 
> 7.2p158 after I installed Acrobat. There are no other Acrobat 
> versions on the machine. 
> Thanks.
> ...Susan
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> .Susan Frahm Modlin
> .Publications Consulting
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