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>As a side-issue to this discussion, is it true that a 
>graphic imported by copy retains no accessible path 
>information to the original imported file?

Yes.  It's easy to verify that; import one by copy,
and look at the MIF.  No name or path there.

>If this is the case, I'd see it as a major demerit of 
>import by copy. In the work that I do, graphics change 
>pretty much as often as text, and the ability to generate 
>lists of imported files is mandatory.

One of many major demerits, IMHO.  To me, the sudden
appearance of grey boxes where images used to be, which
can be fixed only by re-importing those images (if you
are fortunate enough to remember where they are and what
they are named), is much worse.  And that can happen 
at any time.

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