In this case, I temper the "bad practice" statement in my earlier post. If 
your client gets any corruption of by-copy graphics, they can probably just 
rerun the automated system to "refresh" them. In most cases, however, 
by-reference is preferred.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

>I understand what you are saying about referenced images, but...
> We built software that exports a file out of filemaker and then  imports 
> into frame. We wanted to eliminate the problems that folks  have had in 
> the past of the referenced images displaying a gray box  when the file is 
> moved from one person to another or to a print  shop.  In the Industrial 
> Distribution business, which is 95 percent  of our clientele, do not have 
> the network structure to run a frame  network per se nor the graphic and 
> computer understanding to  eliminate these linking problems easily.
> We built this automated system to make it easier for the end user who 
> knows very little about databases, image management and desktop 
> publishing. With some frame training that I provide, our customers  can 
> get a 1000-page catalog done by themselves -- a real pain point  for this 
> type of business in the past. You have to realize here that  we are 
> dealing with mid-million companies who know only one thing --  how to sell 
> products.
> With that said, we are developing our latest version where we are  going 
> to look into several new enhancements including running  referenced files.
> For us and our customers this works best.
> Scott White
> Media Production Manager
> Implementation Coordinator
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