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>Thanks for this info. However, I have one question: 
>Since I'm not generating the target document (HTML or 
>CHM), how will I know the anchor to specify in the 
>Hypertext command?

The "anchor" part in:
  message URL ./path/filename.htm#anchor
is optional; use it if you need to point at a paragraph
within the HTML file.  For that, open the HTML file in
Notepad and look for an anchor tag like
  <a name="anchorname"></a>
at the start of the paragraph you want to display.

Otherwise, if you want to show the HTML file at its
top, just use:
  message URL ./path/filename.htm

References to CHMs are a little trickier:
  message URL mk:@MSITStore:Helpfile.chm::/topic.htm#anchor
The .chm must be in the same directory as the Frame-
produced HTML file, unlass you can specify an absolute 
(not relative) path to it that will be valid on all
users' machines.  Registering the .chm doesn't help.


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