Thanks for this info. However, I have one question: Since I'm not generating 
the target document (HTML or CHM), how will I know the anchor to specify in the 
Hypertext command?


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>When in Robohelp, I merged the Reference Guide CHM file 
>into the Programmer Guide, and was able to do external 
>cross-references from the Programmer Guide to the 
>Reference Guide (typically on class or interface names). 
>However, now in FrameMaker, how can I do that? From what 
>I see, I can only do xrefs to another FM document.

That's correct.  Frame xrefs are only for use with other
Frame docs.  However, you can use Frame hypertext links
to anything.  To do that, you would place a Frame marker 
of type Hypertext with content like:
  message URL ./path/filename.htm#anchor
for a file in a subdirectory below the Frame file.  You
need to specify a path that will be valid from the HTML
produced for the Frame file.  To mark the hotspot for 
the link, apply a char format (which can be all "as is")
to the hotspot text; the marker must also be within the
span of the char format.  See the Frame docs for more
on the many kinds of hypertext markers available.


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