Follow these steps:

1) Insert a new table into the FrameMaker document. Apply the correct format 
to each cell of the first header row, the first body row, and first footer 
row (if you have one). Resize the columns to how you would normally want 

2) Choose Table > Table Designer. Click the Update All button.

3) Repeat these steps for all of your table formats.

Now when you insert a table, it should have the correct formats.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

Whenever I insert a new table into my Frame document, the heading row
for the table is overridden.

Table heading has been assigned a Table heading designation in the
Paragraph catalog of Th whereas the table shows up with Table Heading.
Table Heading (TH) doesn't appear in the paragraph catalog so I can't
delete it. Does anyone know how to fix this?



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