I am a lone writer, so I am ultimately responsible for the docs. I have no 
editor, proofreader, or any suport whatever. I try to get someone from QA to go 
over everything, but that seldom happens. Even when it does, I go over it 

The problem is that a non-writer can get quite exhausted and careless or 
resentful looking at every character, while a trained writer can skim a lot and 
focus on the places most likely to have problems.  When you are responsible for 
14 books and 6 online helps and a bunch of small end-user documents and other 
auxiliary docs, it really is quicker for the writer to do it, if s/he can 
develop the discipline. 


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This is off topic, but something that we all must come across as
writers. Who should be responsible for the final proofing of the
documents you write? Should it ever be the writer?

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