This is most likely due to different fonts being used on the two  
separate machines.  It is most likely due to you each printing to a  
different printer using a different driver.  Try closing out of  
FrameMaker on both machines, set Adobe PDF/Distiller as your default  
printer.  Open Frame along with the document on both machines and  
verify that the spacing is no longer changing.

It is also possible that a setting in your maker.ini file is  
different and one of you is using screen metrics and the other  
printer metrics.

Let me know how the first test goes.



On Dec 15, 2006, at 11:27 AM, Cybele Knowles wrote:

> My coworker and I use unstructured Frame 7.2. We've been struggling  
> with
> this problem: When I open a file last saved by my coworker, the  
> word spacing
> in one or more paragraphs has changed, resulting in layout changes  
> (orphans
> and widows). The same thing happens to my coworker-when she opens a  
> file I
> last saved, the word spaces has changed. These changes in word  
> spacing do
> not happen if I open a file I last saved. In other words, when User  
> X opens
> a file last saved by same User X, no problem. When a file last  
> saved by User
> X is opened by User Y, word spacing changes occur almost always. We  
> do not
> see any other formatting being changed-just word spacing in one or  
> more
> paragraphs.
> We do often adjust word spacing by hand using the Paragraph Designer >
> Advanced > Word Spacing > Minimum/Maximum/Optimum fields. But I don't
> understand why any word space settings should change, whether they are
> custom or default.
> Any insight would be much appreciated-we're stumped, frustrated,  
> and wasting
> a lot of time checking changing document layouts.
> Thanks,
> Cybele Knowles

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