My coworker and I use unstructured Frame 7.2. We've been struggling with
this problem: When I open a file last saved by my coworker, the word spacing
in one or more paragraphs has changed, resulting in layout changes (orphans
and widows). The same thing happens to my coworker-when she opens a file I
last saved, the word spaces has changed. These changes in word spacing do
not happen if I open a file I last saved. In other words, when User X opens
a file last saved by same User X, no problem. When a file last saved by User
X is opened by User Y, word spacing changes occur almost always. We do not
see any other formatting being changed-just word spacing in one or more

We do often adjust word spacing by hand using the Paragraph Designer >
Advanced > Word Spacing > Minimum/Maximum/Optimum fields. But I don't
understand why any word space settings should change, whether they are
custom or default. 

Any insight would be much appreciated-we're stumped, frustrated, and wasting
a lot of time checking changing document layouts. 


Cybele Knowles 

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