Windows XP SP2, FM 7.1, Acrobat 7

One of my co-workers has asked me to help her figure
out why her PDF does not have all the hyperlinks she
wanted to create in her manual. None of her x-refs to
tables became hyperlinks (in any of the chapters), but
all of the x-refs to headings (all levels of headings)

When I examined the the source chapter files, I found
the x-refs correctly made. When I tried making a PDF,
the x-refs to tables did not become hyperlinks. I
tried deleting the x-refs and recreating them. No
hyperlinks. Next I created a new file and imported the
content of the source file into it and made a PDF from
that. No hyperlinks. Then I deleted the x-refs and
recreated them. Success. So I told her that her files
had someone become corrupted.

However, I don't know if I gave her the correct
answer. I myself have never had the problem she is
reporting. We both use the same software. What else
should I have looked at to figure out the source of
the problem?

Emmy A.
Roseville, CA

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