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>Windows XP SP2, FM 7.1, Acrobat 7
>One of my co-workers has asked me to help her figure
>out why her PDF does not have all the hyperlinks she
>wanted to create in her manual. None of her x-refs to
>tables became hyperlinks (in any of the chapters), but
>all of the x-refs to headings (all levels of headings)
>did. ...

When examining the links PDF in Acrobat/Reader, do you see links which "do 
nothing" or are the links missing altogether?

If the problem hyperlinks are indeed links but simply don't take you 
anywhere, make sure that the Create Named Destinations for All Paragraphs 
(PDF Setup, Links tab) is turned ON.

A sample .fm file, demonstrating how turning off this setting affects 
random links, is available at 

And several real-life PDFs which have bad links related to the so-called 
PDF Optimization can be found at http://www.microtype.com/Hmmms.html (the 
May 2006 item is a PDF authored with FrameMaker 7.2, where almost half of 
the cross-reference links are non-functional)

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