Hi Oleg,

I haven't used Tree Help. How does it compare with the StructureTools utility 
that West Street Consulting has? If you haven't used both you may want to try 
the West Street tool as well. It's free for 30 days and only $20 to buy. The 
two URL's of interest may be:


Technically, the StructureTools utility will run forever, even if you don't buy 
it. A dialog pops up every now and then to tell you that you may want to pay 
your $20 (a tiny sum when you consider the frustration it saves) to the 

Looking at the Tree Help plug-in site shows me that it allows you to (1) 
Collapse All, (2) Expand All, and (3) Expand to the Insertion Point. 
StructureTools allows all three of these features. It also provides the same 
expand/collapse for attributes as well as a restricted 'expand all' type of 
feature in the Structure View.

StructureTools provides the ability to expand all/collapse all for only the 
descendents of a specific element (for example, all descendents of a 
Section--but nothing else--get expanded/collapsed). I also love the ability to 
expand only one, two or three 'sublevels' of a given element. I use that a lot 
to expand tables to show all rows, but not all cells etc...

I've recommended this (and some other software from West Street Consulting) for 
a while to clients and they are very happy with what they get. However, if 
there are additional features in the plug-in you mention below, then I'd love 
to know about them. At present I only see the specific three features listed on 
the website.

It would be great if Adobe was to incorporate this type of support right into 
the software. So far, no luck. However, I'm hoping that this changes in a 
future release of the product :)

If you (or anyone on the list) want some screen shots of the tool, let me know. 
I didn't see any on the West Street site, but I may be looking in all the wrong 

All the best and happy New Year.


Bernard Aschwanden
Director of Technology and Publishing Architecture
Bright Path Solutions

bernard at travelthepath.com 


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recently I visited colleagues and assisted with solving some problems
with FrameMaker. I usually install some software to make the life easier.
Do you know what was installed first? Not vim (to dig in MIF). And even
not Firefox.

After few minutes of work in FM, I installed the Tree Help plugin. In my
opinion, it's the must-have when working in the Structured FrameMaker.
It allows to find the current insertion point in the tree view without
annoying hundreds of clicks.

It's pity I didn't work with FM the last year and didn't promote
the plugin. Hereby I want to correct the situation. Here is the plugin
home page:


Download and use 30 days for free:


Buy now:


Use the coupon "NEWYEAR" to get 30% discount.

Thanks for attention. Best wishes for Christmas and New Year!

Oleg Parashchenko olpa@ http://bitplant.de/ - IT Services company
The Structure View tree helper: http://datahansa.com/th/
http://uucode.com/blog/  Generative Programming, XML, TeX, Scheme

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