recently I visited colleagues and assisted with solving some problems
with FrameMaker. I usually install some software to make the life easier.
Do you know what was installed first? Not vim (to dig in MIF). And even
not Firefox.

After few minutes of work in FM, I installed the Tree Help plugin. In my
opinion, it's the must-have when working in the Structured FrameMaker.
It allows to find the current insertion point in the tree view without
annoying hundreds of clicks.

It's pity I didn't work with FM the last year and didn't promote
the plugin. Hereby I want to correct the situation. Here is the plugin
home page:


Download and use 30 days for free:


Buy now:


Use the coupon "NEWYEAR" to get 30% discount.

Thanks for attention. Best wishes for Christmas and New Year!

Oleg Parashchenko olpa@ http://bitplant.de/ - IT Services company
The Structure View tree helper: http://datahansa.com/th/
http://uucode.com/blog/  Generative Programming, XML, TeX, Scheme

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