When you save as PDF there's a dialog with page size definitions in
there. Make sure they're set to what you want the output to be. By
default they inherit from the document. Once changed, the settings are
retained in the book file for next time. They are not retained from
version to version of Acrobat, though.

On 2/3/06, carpentn at genco.com <carpentn at genco.com> wrote:
> My report volume is landscape.  The cover and title page are rotated pages.
> Last year, I changed the page size from 7.5 by 9 to 8.5 by 11.  In Acrobat
> 5, the pdf generated fine (I used the distiller) and all the pages were 8.5
> by 11.  This year, I upgraded to  Acrobat 7.  I use the Save As feature
> because the distiller has disappeared.  The pdf pages now are randomly 7.5
> by 9 and the right side of the text is cut off.  Can anyone tell me how to
> correct this?

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