The Distiller cannot have disappeared or else Save As PDF would 
not work, because that uses Distiller (the application). Distiller 7.0
should be right there in your Windows Programs menu.

Or are you talking about the printer instance named "Acrobat Distiller"?
If so, you need to know that newer versions of Acrobat have renamed
it.  In Acrobat 7.0 it is not named "Adobe PDF", but it works in much
the same way as the Acrobat Distiller printer in older Acrobat versions
did--print a file to that virtual printer and you "magically" get a PDF.

The one big difference is that you can now associate a particular set 
of Acrobat job options (or "Adobe PDF Settings" as the menus in 
Distiller 7.0 now refer to them even though they still use the same
.joboptions filename extension...).  

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Subject: Landscape pages in PDF are not uniform size -- Acrobat 7

My report volume is landscape.  The cover and title page are rotated
Last year, I changed the page size from 7.5 by 9 to 8.5 by 11.  In
5, the pdf generated fine (I used the distiller) and all the pages were
by 11.  This year, I upgraded to  Acrobat 7.  I use the Save As feature
because the distiller has disappeared.  The pdf pages now are randomly
by 9 and the right side of the text is cut off.  Can anyone tell me how
correct this?

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