If you want to go from the xref to the location it points to try this:

Find the xref (for example "see Weiners and Beans on page 5")
Press and hold Ctrl+Alt and click on the reference


Double click the reference, then select "Go To Source" in the dialog (top right 
I think).

If you need to find all the markers and group them to see what points TO a 
reference, try building a List of Markers (type is cross-reference) and see if 
that helps.

In the list of markers you will find this type of content:
22009: Heading 3: Printing

Then look for a Heading 3 with the text Printing in your docs. Not a 100$ 
reliable system as it needs to have the same text remain in the paragraph (the 
word Printing is used on first insertion, so later edits don't get reflected, 
for example, changing it to read Print to PDF still has the marker text 22009: 
Heading 3: Printing a Scan Window)

Hope that helps,


Bernard Aschwanden
Publishing Technologies Expert
Publishing Smarter

bernard at publishingsmarter.com 


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An easy one, maybe: given a destination cross-reference marker, is there a way 
to locate the source(s) of the cross-reference? 

Searching for marker text doesn't work, either using the actual cross-reference 
text, or the id number in the destination marker.

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