Using marker-based cross-references, FrameMaker cannot search for
cross-references to a particular location (although it can be done in MIF,
using FrameScript, or with an FDK client).
  Using element-based cross-references in structured FrameMaker, in which
the cross-reference itself can be in a structured or unstructured document,
but the cited location (in FrameMaker's terminology the "source" of the
cross-reference) must be in a structured document, FrameMaker can search
for cross-references to a particular location. The source must be
identified by a unique ID attribute that is not hidden.

At 07:39 AM 2/7/2006, Steve Rickaby wrote:
An easy one, maybe: given a destination cross-reference marker, is there a
way to locate the source(s) of the cross-reference? 

Searching for marker text doesn't work, either using the actual
cross-reference text, or the id number in the destination marker.

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