Alan Houser wrote:

> DITA architect Michael Priestley (a co-author of the 2001 paper you
> cited) has more recently addressed the misconception that DITA is an
> exchange format, not an authoring format 
> ( My anecdotal
> experience matches Michael's -- that about half of all
> implementations use the DITA DTD "out of the box" for content
> authoring.

This showed up in a conference plug recently and I revisited the link 
that Alan provided to Michael Priestly's posting. Out of interest, I 
looked at the post to which Michael had replied, and found it was a very 
good email from Eliot Kimber - one of the long-term industry experts 
going well back into the SGML days. His explanation is far better than 
mine was, but echoed much of the same sentiment. If you're interested, 
have a look at


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