Hi, Martha:

Is it possible that intermediate files created by the process are not 
complete, aren't renamed,  or do not appear complete or in the 
location where or when subsequent operations expect them?

If the whole process works correctly locally on one machine, the 
problems may be due to this "network latency."

At 3:50 PM -0800 2/21/06, Martha J Davidson wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I'm in the process of automating the doc build process, creating 
>both help (using WebWorks AutoMap) and PDFs. I'm using FM 7.2 and 
>WWP2003, version 8.6, along with some custom FrameScripts written 
>for my company by Rick Quatro. This runs on WinXP Pro, fully 
>patched, with 1GB of memory.
>I'm doing only the simplest commands, as far as I can tell: using a 
>Windows batch file to check source files out of CVS to a brand-new 
>directory, running a FrameScript to set conditional text properly 
>for each of the chapters in a book file that includes chapters from 
>each of my other books, and then calling WebWorks using the wpuba 
>command-line interface from AutoMap. These commands are about the 
>first third of my script.
>Each command works fine by itself. When I run this portion of the 
>script sequentially, FM crashes (with a dialog box listing error 
>codes and the suggestion to read the log file for more information). 
>I'm trying to figure out what's causing the crash. Initially, it 
>happened partway through the FrameScript, running with RunEslBatch. 
>When I saw that it happened on the same files consistently, I opened 
>each of those files, re-saved them and checked them back into CVS. 
>Now the crash happens about 70% of the way through the WebWorks help 


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

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