Hi Peter,

I guess I wasn't quite clear in my original post. I'm doing the entire doc 
build on a local machine--the only network access is checking the source 
files out of CVS and checking in the generated help and PDFs back into CVS.

It looks like I have a solution, given to me offlist by Rick Quatro, that 
is working. Rick suggested adding a line to my batch file to quite FM after 
running the first (very long) FrameScript, to free up any rogue memory, and 
then let the WebWorks AutoMap command restart FM to continue the script. 
Specifically, I added the following line to my script:

RunEslBatch -s"Quit;"

I'll be doing some more testing, but it looks like Rick's idea is going to 


At 07:17 PM 2/21/2006, Peter Gold wrote:
>Hi, Martha:
>Is it possible that intermediate files created by the process are not 
>complete, aren't renamed,  or do not appear complete or in the location 
>where or when subsequent operations expect them?
>If the whole process works correctly locally on one machine, the problems 
>may be due to this "network latency."

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