There is no vertical alignment property in text frames (unlike InDesign and 
Quark XPress). One way around this is to have a series of paragraph formats 
that use Frame Above Paragraph settings that serve to push the text to the 
bottom of the text frame.

Here is an example: let's say your text frames always have a maximum of 
three lines. You would always make the text frames the same height, which is 
tall enough to hold three lines. You would have three separate paragraph 
formats: 1_line, 2_line, and 3_line. 3_line would be applied to paragraphs 
that take all three lines in the text frame. These paragraphs would have no 
Frame Above. 2_line would be applied to paragraphs that take up two lines in 
the text frame. It's FrameAbove would be a 1-line high reference frame that 
would force the 2 lines to the bottom of the text frame. 1_line would be for 
single line paragraphs, and it would contain a 2-line high reference frame 
for its FrameAbove setting.

If you find this too cumbersome, you could use FrameScript to devise a more 
automated solution. Or, even if you use the multiple-paragraph format 
solution that I have outlined, you could have a script automatically apply 
the correct format based on the number of lines.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Hi,
> When I create a text box, the text is always placed in the upper left 
> corner.
> There is no problem place the text horizontally (left, right, center), but 
> is there any way to align it vertically?
> It would be very useful to be able to place the text in the bottom of the 
> frame, especially when aligning texts in graphics (my client does not 
> allow "A-texts").
> Any hints?
> Regards
> Gunnar Carlsson

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